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22nd February 2016

{ Celebration of Innovation Unveiled }

A celebration of innovation has been launched by the Greater Cambridge Greater Peterborough Enterprise Partnership (LEP) today.

#100InnovativeDays draws together some of the greatest innovations from the Greater Cambridge Greater Peterborough area from historic discoveries that have changed the way we live today to the latest innovations that will change the way we live in the future.

There is a world of innovations and discoveries that have taken place on our doorsteps that you might not be aware of. From Sir Isaac Newton’s reflecting telescope through to the world’s first test tube foal, and much more inbetween.Neil Darwin, Chief Executive of the Greater Cambridge Greater Peterborough LEP, explains:

“Our area is internationally renowned for our innovation credentials, so we wanted to celebrate these many and varied achievements that have defined the future through this new campaign. From the discovery of DNA through to the cutting edge composite technology, our area is a hive of innovation activity. Every day for the next 100 days we will be showcasing an innovation via @YourLEP on Twitter using the hashtag #100InnovativeDays.”

With some many innovative companies in their area, the LEP now want to help unearth and support the innovations of the future, and have launched a new competition to help turn these ideas into reality.

Neil continues: “We now want to unearth future innovations that will change the way we live in the future. As part of Venturefest East, the team here at the LEP are seeking the five great innovations of the future. Companies can put forward their ideas and then have the chance to take part in the Fast and Furious Pitch Off at Venturefest East on 24th May in Newmarket. The competition will give companies the opportunity to profile their ideas and potentially secure the funding and support they need to bring them to market.”

To apply, companies need to complete a short application form that can be downloaded from

The five shortlisted companies will have the chance to showcase their products or services for free at Venturefest East on 24th May 2016 at Newmarket Racecourse, with the winner being entered into the Fast and Furious Pitch Off, where they will compete with other companies to win the crown of the greatest innovation of the East.

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