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29th March 2016

{ Top Under 30 Profile: Philippa Artus }

Marketing and Projects Executive Philippa Artus joined Cambridge BID in 2014. She graduated from the University of East Anglia in 2013 with First Class Honours in Business Management and moved to Melbourne, Australia for a year to work at SPRIM Brand Strategy & Design as an Account Executive. There she made some fantastic friends and contacts, learnt a lot about a variety of different business areas and says she was very fortunate to do it all in a beautiful city.


At Cambridge BID she is responsible for all digital platforms such as the website, social media and newsletters as well as supporting the Marketing and Commercial Manager with all seasonal promotions, sector events, printed publications and traditional marketing. 


Since joining the company, Philippa has grown the company’s social media platforms greatly, including a 600% increase in Twitter followers for which she is solely responsible for. 


Working for a Business Improvement District means that she constantly receives suggestions from organisations who have ideas about initiatives she could start in order to make Cambridge a better place. She enjoys juggling new projects and creating positive relationships with businesses which she says is a particularly rewarding part of the job. 


When she was younger she dreamt of being a pilot, idolising her grandfather who flew with the RAF in World War II. She also says that she would love to move back to Melbourne, as the city brims with galleries, cafes and beautiful spots for socialising. 



When asked what one album she would have on in the office, she said ‘Spiceworld’ by the Spice Girls. 



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