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04th April 2016

{ Top Under 30 Profile: Callum Bradley }

Callum joined family-run business, Dufaylite, in 2013 as a 3D Designer and Artworker after studying Product Design at Brunel University. He is responsible for creating production files for completely bespoke products as well as standard Dufaylite products. 


He creates either cutting files or printing files from a customer’s specification or artwork. Preparing these for production on company machines, along with providing proofing documents for customers to review, is all part of his role. 


It can also include creating a new design to meet a criteria set by the customer for either a display or packaging product.


He also provides design guidance and gives input on the feasibility and possible approaches to a brief or project. Ensuring that a design will work first time provides a challenge and requires a keen eye and good awareness of the production process. 


Creating new bespoke designs for a product that already exists in the market means Callum must have a vision for the product. Callum says he enjoys the relaxed atmosphere and constant communication which makes for less of an inter-departmental division as there is a feeling of being one large team. He says the company really works as one to help customers get what they are after, with everyone pulling their weight to ensure they provide the best service possible.


He shared his vision for Ultraboard and Envirolite, sub brands of Dufaylite, saying, “My vision for Ultraboard is to create a larger in-house design library to help encourage customers to move away from costly and non-environmentally friendly products, and start using fully recyclable display units in both exhibitions and shops. My vision for Envirolite is to explore creating new manufacturing techniques and connection methods to allow more efficient packaging for both existing and new customers.”

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