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06th April 2016

{ Top Under 30 Profile: Sadie Burton }

After leaving university and a short stint as a supervisor in retail shop Phase Eight, Sadie made the move to Brides by Solo in 2013. 

Assisting brides with choosing their perfect dress and making dress alterations, a very specialist skill, is all part of Sadie’s role in the business. Her time is split between working on the shop floor and in the sewing room. 

Sadie has been a key player in increasing shop sales, forecasting a 35% rise in sales for the year 2015-2016. Her determination has meant that she has worked her way up from apprentice to Assistant Manager in just two years. 

She loves working closely with the brides, tailoring dresses to their needs and building up a relationship with her clients. 

Attending bridal catwalk fashion shows is another passion of Sadie’s. She attends alongside her manager and gets involved in choosing the dresses brides will be wearing that year.

When she was younger she says that she always wanted to sew and be able to make intricate alterations to wedding dresses or costumes. 

She also says that if her job could be anywhere in the world, she would choose London or Rome, but thinks Newmarket is a good place to start. 


If she could listen to one 90s album in the office, she would choose (What’s the Story) Morning Glory? by Oasis.

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