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08th April 2016

{ Top Under 30 Profile: Joe Carissi }

Joe joined Selfie Clothing in 2015 and says he hasn’t looked back. 


He worked in retail for over 10 years at Sainsbury’s during which he progressed from cashier to running a department. Under his management, he helped to increase the orders in the online delivery department from 350 to over 1,000 orders per week. 


At Selfie Clothing he is involved in managing the company’s social media accounts, following up on new ideas and markets, dealing with customers, printing and packaging. 


He says he that whatever needs doing, he’s always happy to get stuck in and help and sees every day is an opportunity to learn and develop his skills. 


If he were to live anywhere else in the world, he would choose Italy or America as both do great pizza. 


If he had one word to describe himself he says it would be ‘funny’ and his favourite 90s album is Dr Dre – 2001 (released in 1999, confusing we know!).

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