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12th April 2016

{ Top Under 30 Profile: Hattie Carter }

Whilst in education, Hattie joined WildTracks aged 16 as a weekend assistant. She is now Administrative Assistant, responsible for advertising and marketing, admin, bookings, customer care, recording and balancing of takings, team leading and organising of staff. 


As well as ensuring smooth running of the business and problem solving, she also ensures customer satisfaction during the busiest time, at the weekends. 


Hattie says she loves working alongside her team and with customers. She is passionate and determined to continuously create and develop new ideas to expand the business. 


Constantly working hard, enjoying overcoming challenges and being herself is something which she says has provided her with opportunities and responsibilities in her position at WildTracks. 


When she was younger she fantasised about being a television presenter but also wanted to own her own business. If she could move anywhere in the world with her job she would choose Cyprus, and her favourite 90s album is Life Thru a Lens, by Robbie Williams.

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