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18th April 2016

{ Top Under 30 Profile: Natasha Clarke }

Natasha joined research and marketing agency, Mackman, in 2013, straight after graduating from University with a degree in Marketing and Advertising. She originally attended Central St Martins in London to study Fine Art for a year but quickly realised that art was more of a hobby and less of a career choice. After a placement year working at international automotive brand, Citroën, Natasha graduated and moved to Sudbury where she began an internship with Mackman. Since joining the company she has grown from Communications Assistant, to Communications Officer and as of 2015 was promoted to Brand and Communications Manager.

At Mackman she is responsible for developing strategic marketing strategies for clients which involves working with clients to understand what they want to achieve in the long term and using their business objectives to inform their marketing and communications plans. She also conducts reviews on clients' current marketing activity across various channels as well as running brand promise workshops to get under the skin of a client's brand and draw out core elements that set them apart from their competitors.

Natasha says she enjoys working with clients from a whole host of different industries. Learning new things and understanding how different industries work in regards to the customers they have and the challenges they face is of particular interest to her. She says, “You get to meet really inspiring people too, people who've taken risks and put everything they have on the table to launch a product or service that they truly believe in. Helping them build their brand, that's something I enjoy.”

At the end of last year, Natasha was invited to speak about Branding at the Chartered Institute of Marketing's Autumn Conference. Being accepted as an expert in this area, and invited to share her knowledge and first-hand experience with a lecture theatre of people was a real milestone in her career so far.

Born in Singapore, Natasha grew up as an expatriate and was lucky enough to travel a lot growing up. She says she would love to go back to Asia, and would like to work in Japan or Hong Kong.


She says that if anything can describe her it’s that she’s always ‘Ready'. “I like to think I'm always ready, I'll do it. Whatever it is, a spontaneous trip to the mountains in the Cairngorms, trying something I've never done before, or taking the lead in a business pitch. If I've learnt anything in my career so far, it's if you wait till you feel ready, you'll never do it. Believe in yourself, you're ready.”

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