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19th April 2016

{ Top Under 30 Profile: Andrew Cooper }

Andrew Cooper, now Partner at Greene & Greene Solicitors and Lawyers, trained and worked for a law firm in Norwich for a number of years after completing his degree and legal studies. 


In 2012 he moved to Greene & Greene in Bury St Edmunds where he advises clients on a range of business law matters. Dealing with small local businesses to individuals with business interests to large international corporations, he provides advice on commercial contracts, company law procedures, fundraising and setting up new companies or partnerships amongst other things. 


He also spends a lot of time working on mergers and acquisitions, advising business owners who are selling up, and those who are buying new businesses in order to expand. 


Andrew says he’s been fortunate in business and working with such a variety of people means that he learns lots about different industries and sectors of the economy which he is passionate about. 


He says that making a success of his move to Greene & Greene has been his biggest achievement to date. When he was younger he initially wanted to be a meteorologist, but then realised he was not that great at science! 


If his job could be anywhere else in the world he would choose somewhere in the Alps. If he could listen to one 90s album in the office for the day, he would pick The Corrs – Talk on Corners.

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