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21st April 2016

{ Top Under 30 Profile: Lucy Cronin }

Lucy launched her Personal Training and Bootcamp company, 365Motivate, in 2013. She had previously been working at Moreton Hall Health Club as a Fitness Instructor, but saw an opportunity to create her own company. 


As business owner, she runs all one-to-one sessions and four morning and evening boot camp sessions per week. She also offers 24/7 support, nutritional guidance and motivation. 


She loves to see people’s progress and finds watching the transition her clients make whilst with her, very rewarding. She says that clients find “Weights they thought were impossible to lift at the start, become no problem. Nutrition habits that they thought they would never pick up… they do!” And that’s what she loves most about her job. 


Last summer, 365Motivate hosted a family fun day which Lucy organised herself. The day had dance stalls, martial arts, zorbing, boot camp, burgers and raised £300 for St Nicholas Hospital and says it’s one of her proudest achievements. 


Lucy says she loves animals and when she was younger wanted to be a vet. Now she loves working in Bury St Edmunds and wouldn’t have it any other way. She describes herself as chatty and her favourite 90s group is the Spice Girls. 

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