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29th April 2016

{ Top Under 30 Profile: Louis Fairfax }

Louis’ drive to succeed was clear from a young age when he secured a management position in retail after leaving school, where he was leading teams at just 17. 


He joined CUB UK in 2005 and in 2012 was promoted to the company’s Managing Director. He is involved with the creation, planning and management of their strategic plan and has overall operational responsibility and leads multiple projects within the business. 


He loves to see his team succeed and making a difference within the company with an unorthodox approach. He also enjoys looking after some of the company’s longest standing clients, inspiring and motivating staff, coaching, and developing the management team. 


Since becoming MD, he has modernised the business by rebranding, introduced a unique package-based service structure, a customer promise, and now measures the company’s performance against values through a KPI structure, achieving the ISO9001 standard last year.


If he could live anywhere in the world and still do his job he says he would choose California and if he could listen to one 90s album in the office for a day it would be The Best of Santana.

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