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06th May 2016

{ Top Under 30 Profile: Samantha Hills }

Samantha joined Discover Newmarket as Administrator in 2015. She was born and bred in Newmarket and has been involved in racing since she was young. After working in the beauty industry for four years, she missed horse racing and is now happy to share her passion of the sport in her work life. She joined the business just as it launched and says they really hit the ground running which she enjoyed. 


Samantha is responsible for all day to day management and administration of the tours, from getting people booked on to coordinating the venues and liaising with tour guides. She loves showing people how unique Newmarket is and seeing people’s reactions when they are taken on the tours and says “I never get tired of visiting Banstead Manor or Dalham Hall Stud.” She works closely with customers to really personalise their visits, making dreams a reality for them by creating an unforgettable, unique experience. 

The month of May is huge for Discover Newmarket, as it’s when they have the most tours, racing is in full swing and the stud is full of foals so everyone is keen to visit. She says that “Last year, we saw how quickly the diary filled up with tours. We knew May was going to be our first big test at running an effective and efficient tours business. I was working around the clock to ensure that everything went without a hitch, often I needed to be in several places at once!” The team successfully completed the month and she says it was a fantastic feeling at the end to receive such great feedback from customers and also report on revenue figures that greatly exceeded all expectations. She’s looking forward to doing the same this year.


Being self-claimed ‘animal obsessed’, she wanted to be a vet when she was younger but has found the job for her working alongside animals. If she could work anywhere else in the world, she would choose Australia. “I lived there for 4 months and completely fell in love, my mum is Australian so I have dual nationality which is a big pull. Racing is huge in Australia as well so it would be the perfect match!”

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