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09th May 2016

{ Top Under 30 Profile: Adil Khokhar }

Adil and his father took over CBS Automotive on the 1st of August 2013. At the age of 18, Adil had already launched a cycling product to the Cambridge market and always wanted a career in business. 

He is currently studying International Business Management at the University of Lincoln alongside working at CBS Automotive. His role involves report analysis, management decisions and helps drive the growth of the company. He enjoys being able to build strategies that will directly grow and build the business and his hard-working attitude has allowed him to do so. 

His greatest achievement to date has been studying at Chongqing Technology and Business University in China and learning about Chinese business culture as well as gaining a good understanding of Mandarin.

Although he has always wanted to go into business, when he was younger the idea of working in an international firm as a banker appealed. If he could work anywhere else in the world, he would choose Malaga. 

He describes himself as hard-working and if he could have one 90s album in the office on for one day, he would choose Supa Dupa Fly by Missy Elliott.


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