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11th May 2016

{ Top Under 30 Profile: Lorna Pissarro }

Lorna is Director of Stuart Inns, a family-run business which started 2011 and has expanded to own three restaurants/hotels. After obtaining a First-Class Honours degree in Fine Art, she struggled to find her dream job as a filmmaker and settled for being a waitress in a local Gastro Pub, back at home in Suffolk. 


This experience was valuable to her future business venture which she began with the help of her brother and father. Creative and conscientious, Lorna has a very hands-on approach to the day-to-day running of the restaurants but loves the marketing side of the business. She works closely with the Front of House Managers, helping them build their teams, and strives to deliver the best possible customer experience. She says that, “On the day of the event itself, seeing it all come together and people having a great time is a real thrill for me.”


The business has been allocated five stars for accommodation and two Rosettes for food, recognising Lorna’s hard work. Talking about the recognition she says, “I was thrilled to get five stars on our accommodation as I take care of the design of the rooms. Everything has to be perfect, and meet the needs of the customer. So much thought and planning went into the hotel rooms, so it was nice for all of our hard work to be recognised with this accolade”


When she was younger she wanted to be a nurse and would love to work in London or New York but still live in Hadleigh. She says, “I studied in London and lived there for three years. I miss it a lot, but I’d never move back. The country life is too good. So I’d love to work there and then be teleported home every night!” 


If she could listen to one 90s album in the office for the day, it would be Take That – Everything Changes, her first ever album which she would love to hear again! 

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