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16th May 2016

{ Top Under 30 Profile: Georgia Takacs }

Georgia founded Noel Road alongside her mother, Amanda, in 2014 and began trading in 2015. She studied English Literature at Queen Mary University of London, with an initial dream of making it big in Fashion Journalism. After a couple of small jobs at university, she was offered an opportunity at the Sunday Times but turned it down and found the courage to pursue entrepreneurship. 

Now she is responsible for running her own business including operations, marketing, finance and admin. She says the thing she loves most about her job is the creative freedom and is happy constantly learning, expanding her knowledge and pushing herself out of her comfort zone. 

Having the kind of meaningful professional and personal goals that she does now is something she credits as one of her biggest achievements. Talking about her business she says, “I think it's a journey in self-development just as much as it is a journey in business.”

When she was younger she wanted to be an Archaeologist, then an Actress, then a Fashion Journalist before finding her true passion. If her job could be anywhere in the world, she would choose Costa Rica. “I haven't even ever been there! But I've researched enough to know that I am head over heels in love. The dream is to build and live in my own eco house.” 

She describes herself as a seeker and if she could listen to one 90s album in the office for one day, it would be the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Californication.


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